My passion that turned into a business

Most of my clients that I meet with, ask me “how long have you been doing Wedding Photography for?” or “how did you get into being a photographer?”

I found my passion late in my life. Most photographers will tell you that they have been taking pictures most of their lives when their mom or dad bought them their first film camera. It wasn’t like that for me. I was in advertising before I started my Photography business. I was doing well being the manager of a niche magazine in the Design industry. The company then closed and I started working for their sister company. I had signed some business with Nikon, well; more of a sponsorship and the Marketing Director at the time had offered me to buy a camera from her. My mom is an artist and I felt that I would enjoy it so I bought my first camera.

I do most things to the extreme so when I got to my apartment at the time, I had set up this camera and started playing around with all the settings. That’s all I did for days! Not knowing what I was doing, I then started researching and asking friends what to do. I remember the first weekend I had the camera, I drove to the CBD of JHB and took photos of things that interested me and that’s when it all started. For months after that, every opportunity I got, I was taking pictures. Mainly of people. I developed a passion for Photojournalism. I would go into the locations like Alexandra or Soweto and take photos of the people and theirs expressions. I would also go at night and try long exposures with my tripod either on the highway bridges or on the roof of a building in town or Jeppe. It was really cool.

In saying that my passion is Photojournalism, Wedding Photography became my passion that sits right next to Journalism. Its two separate fields of Photography but I think that if I had to break it down…there are 2 things. My first passion is people. I love taking photos of people expressions and emotions that when you look at the image, you can feel the exact emotion of the subject in the image. The second thing is that I love photos that tell a story. An expression or a piece of their journey. Both my passions do exactly that.

I got into Wedding Photography about 5 years ago and it has been an amazing journey since then. I love those special moments and those happy times. Its honestly the best feeling to capture those memories and its even more rewarding when I give my clients their wedding pictures and they absolutely love them. Something funny was that the other day… my whole Facebook news feed was a Wedding that I shot in September. They had set up a Dropbox folder and sent all their friends and family the link to it so all of them were posting images of themselves on Facebook. My work was trending for the day.

I love Photography more than anything. A little secret is that I have a camera tattooed on my back! I’ve always said to my friends and family that If I had to win the lottery, I would never stop doing what I do. First I need to start playing the Lotto of course :)


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