Jayson & Roberta

It all started with Jayson and Roberta when we did their engagement session in town. I knew then that their wedding photo's will be awesome. Not everyone has professional wedding photography done or any shoot for that matter. When I first shot Jayson and Roberta, they were so fluent and so great. We did the Groom and his Groomsman is Braamfonetin as well as the old Train Station in Newtown. We got amazing shots and all the guys had a blast, including Jayson's father. We then headed off to Summer Place in Sandhurst and started with the ladies. Summer Place is always a lovely venue to shoot at. All the gurls looked beautiful, especially Roberta. After we had finished the bridal shoot, we went to the Catholic Church in Rosebank to have the ceremony. The Church is gorgeous inside with beautiful window lighting. After the ceremony, we went back to Summer place to do the wedding couple shoot. It was lovely in the Rose Garden at the bottom. The party was amazing! I know I say this a lot but every person danced the night away. We only left after 12 becasue the party didn't stop.

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