Michael and Tanya

This wedding was extremely special to me. Tanya is my first cousin. Her father and my Mother are siblings. When I started wedding photography, I vowed that I wouldn't do any family but Tanya begged me to shoot her wedding and I thought that I couldn't resist. I must say, I had such a good time. We started with Michael and his Groomsman at his house in Craighall. I knew everyone so it made it a bit easier. We had a good time. We then carried on at Tanya's house in Highlands North with her Bridemaids and Ffamily. I know her dad, my uncle and I know that he was bursting with pride. The Church service was at our cChurch in Melrose called Pantannasa, the Greek Church. The reception was held at the Johannesburg Country Club in Aukland Park. It was amazing. It really is one of the best venue for wedding photography. Everything about the evening was perfect and I know that Tanya and Michael loved it. The whole family did too!


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