Oriana has to rate as one of the most magnificent brides I have ever photographed. Nevermind that she looked beautiful in her wedding photos, she is also one of the most sweetest individuals I have ever met. Mohammed is a gentle gentleman. This wedding was spectacular from beginning to end. We shot all the wedding pictures at the Inanda Club in Atholl. The weather was perfect and everything about the day was amazing. The Bride and her friends were all super excited for Oriana to get married, it was really fun shooting them. The Groom arrived later that day with his family and we took some images of him and his friends. We were lucky enough to shoot the Nikah which took place at the Inanda. The set up from from out of this world. The couple photos were fantastic with awesome lighting as you can see. Followed after the couple photos was the reception which looked incredible. The whole wedding was amazing and I was so honoured to photograph this magical wedding.

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