Rochelle and Kevin

When I think of the word "elegant", I automatically think of Rochelle and Kevin's wedding. Its a wedding photographer's dream to have a bride that for her wedding photography, is just so easy going and chilled about everything. We started the photography at Rochelle's parents house in Benoni. It was a rainy day but we were able to capture the awesome colours and textures that you always get at a Hindu wedding. Rochelle is full of personality so it made the photo's really easy to capture. We then headed off to the Temple in Benoni to shoot the Hindu ceremony which is always vibrant and colourful. Kevin is a quiet and humble man so throughout the ceremony, he constantly looked over at Rochelle with love in his eyes. We headed off to the hotel at Emporers Palace where the bride and groom changed and we captured their wedding couple shoot. After the shoot, we went to Summer Place in Boksburg where we had the party. It was incredible. Sureshnee Ryder from 5FM was the MC and she was amazing. What a vibe. We loved every moment of this Wedding from beginning to end!

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