Steve and Yonit After Shoot

It was unfortunate that I wasn't able to photograph Steve and Yonit's wedding. I was booked on their wedding date so we decided that I would photograph their Wedding Day After Shoot. We took these images on a rooftop and around Maboneng in Joburg. It was difficult to organise this for wedding photography but Yonit was determined so we made it happen. Thank goodness we made it happen because I loved this shoot! We started off in the building and got some images with the natural light that it offered and then moved to the rooftop. I love Jozi town so we got cool shots of the city and the skyline. We then waled wround the city getting the shots we needed. The one shot, I was 8 stories up and they were on the street. I phoned them and posed them over the phone and then took the shot. Yonit is really ourigoing so to capture these was a pleasure and loads of fun.

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